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Sussex Kelp Recovery Project
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Our aims and highlights


The recovery of kelp and other essential fish habitats at scale in Sussex support a thriving and sustainable marine ecosystem that benefits nature, fisheries, coastal communities and our planet. 


To champion, study and facilitate the recovery of Sussex kelp and other essential fish  habitats, through progressive, coherent and collaborative action


  • To support and monitor the natural recovery of kelp and other essential fish habitats in Sussex, and the impact of the Sussex Nearshore Trawling Byelaw. 

  • To understand the ecological, social and economic value of kelp and other essential fish habitats in Sussex.

  • To identify and minimise damaging impacts on existing and potential kelp habitat and other essential fish habitats. 

  • To assess the need for and the feasibility of active kelp restoration

  • To increase understanding of and community engagement in Sussex kelp and other essential fish habitats, so that their importance to the environment and society are known, and to enable marine ecosystem recovery elsewhere.


  • Working in collaboration with organisations, groups and individuals 

  • Using and promoting an adaptive, science-led approach

  • Putting nature and climate at the centre of the decision-making

  • Only committing to a natural capital approach where this results in a positive result for nature

  • Sharing SKRP research, experience, learnings and the progress 

  • Act as a point of contact for the recovery of Sussex kelp.

Read about the highlights from the project in our Progress and Impact Reports

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2023 Highlights.

SKRP highlights 2021-2022

2021-2022 Kelp Project highlights.

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