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Sussex Kelp Recovery Project
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Be part of SKRP’s research programme!

Citizen science is a growing discipline enabling the public to participate and collaborate in scientific research and increase scientific knowledge.  You can help deliver SKRP aims and get involved in extraordinary research. 

The Sussex Kelp Recording Scheme​

Everyone can contribute to restoration efforts via a handy app from the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Whether you’re an occasional beach walker or an avid scuba diver, you can record any kelp you’ve seen on the beach or out to sea, and play your part in the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project.

Sussex Kelp Recording Scheme get involved!

​Sussex Seasearch

Seasearch is a project for volunteer divers and snorkelers who have an interest in underwater life, want to learn more, and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of the UK. ​

Underwater footage

If you are an underwater photographer and are happy to share your existing footage along with the precise location of the filming, the SKRP can use it to map the distribution of kelp and other species.  To take part contact please email:

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