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Sussex Kelp Recovery Project

Reports & Publications

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Sussex Sediment Monitoring and Adaptive Response Workshop Report

This workshop held in May 2023 looked to identify what steps can be taken forward to help address potential negative impacts of sediment in Sussex.

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Sediment Sources & Impacts Workshop Report

Sediment (particles in the water column) can impact fisheries and limit kelp recovery. A 2021 workshop convened 40 organisations to review the sources and impacts of sediment in Sussex, as well as data sources and opportunities for collaboration.

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Sussex sea users Sediment report

A wealth of knowledge is held by local people. Observations on changes to sediment from local divers, commercial fishers, skippers, beach walkers and more have been captured to learn more about this key pressure on kelp recovery.

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SKRP Progress & Impact Report 2021-2022

How the SKRP is delivering on its aims two years after inception, with all the activities and results across its diverse programme.

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Sussex coast sediments and kelp

This report by HR Wallingford reviews sediment sources, sinks and changes to these in Sussex waters. The report was commissioned by Blue Marine Foundation to inform further work and appropriate targeted measures to reduce and mitigate the impact of sediment on natural kelp recovery and local fisheries.

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