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Sussex Kelp Recovery Project

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Support for the SKRP has come in a multitude of ways from film-making to funding, to collecting data, and sharing information, images and stories. 

The Sussex Kelp beds were lost in the past because they weren’t visible enough; hidden under the waves they were out of sight, out of mind.  By sharing this exciting journey of recovery we can ensure that the return of a healthy Sussex seabed is a shared endeavour, told by multiple voices for many years.


Together we can recover the Sussex kelp for the nature, people and planet. Support us here:

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Become a citizen scientist and take part in the The Sussex Kelp Recording Scheme

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Public engagement is vital to raise awareness of the value of these coastal ecosystems and involve a wide audience beyond the scientific community in their recovery.

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Community stories

The Sussex Kelp Recovery Project is a collective journey, bringing together a wide network of people and organisations. Read just a few of their stories.

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